Add or Edit Player Questions to Registration

Player Responses Creation

There may be times when you will want to collect information about a player during the registration process.  GamePlan allows you to create custom questions.  You can also make these questions mandatory requiring the question to be answered in order for the customer to proceed.  You can also add a drop down list that the customer can select from to maintain consistency in the customer's response.  This can make it easier to create reports and sort the data.

To access the custom player questions you will go to E-Commerce / Player Registration.  Then select the Registration that you would like to create custom player questions.  Click on "Player Signup" and the player form will open.  Click on Advanced Options and the form will expand to allow you to create your custom questions.

the first two questions are pre-defined and you can change these question by entering a differnt question in the box shown.  The School has a special set of drop down list that you can use.  The Position question can be modified but doesn't support drop down list selection.

The remaining questions will be blank and you can customize these question and make them required as well as provide a drop down for the user to select.

To Make any question mandatory simply place an * (asterisks) an the end of the question.  This will require the user to enter a value in the response to this question in order to proceed with their registration.

Sample Question:
Did you play with us last year?* 

The above sample will ask the user and require that they answer this question before continuing their registration.  How every it will not control the form of the answer so the user could enter Y or Yes or garbage like 123.

To control the user's response you may find it useful to provide a drop down list for the user to select their response. To create a response you enter a list of values that the user can select.  Each of these values will be separated by a | (pipe).  To identify the beginning of a drop down list you’ll user the ^ (carrot).

Sample Question that does not require the user to answer but allow them to select from the list if they choose to answer:
Did you play with us last year?^Yes|NO|Maybe|Next Response 

Sample Question that require the user to answer but allow them to select from the list if they choose to answer:
Did you play with us last year?*^Yes|NO|Maybe|Next Response