Finding Players, Parents and Coaches

Since GamePlan is an integrated product, there are many ways to locate information within the system.
To locate information for a player, parent, or coach:
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  3. Select Organization> People
  4. Enter Last Name of the person you are trying to locate (you only have to enter the few letters)
  5. Select type:
    1. Player
    2. Parent
    3. Coach
  6. Look in:
    1. Current Leagues (default)
    2. All Leagues
  7. Click Search

Parent View:

A list will appear that meet your search criteria as shown below when just an “a” is entered in Search for Last Name> Who is a: Parent> Look In: Current League.
If the list is too long, then add additional letters to reduce the number of parents that meet your search criteria.  When you locate the person you are looking for click on the name and the information will be displayed on the right window. As shown below.
By clicking on the options shown below the name you may view players, Signup Sessions that this person has selected, or their Account Settings.

Player view:

Signup Sessions View:

No Elements found means that there was nothing selected.

Account Settings:

Here you may view the User Display Name associated with this account.