Add New Events or Practices to Schedule

Coaches may also perform the following functions:

  1. Set up Schedule: All league games and events are created by League Administrators. However, coaches and managers may create their own "team" events or practices. Simply click the New Event or New Practice buttons and follow the prompts. Additionally, "team" events may be edited. Parents, Players, and Followers are notified when an event is created and updated events by email and push notifications.
  2. Can I add my own events to the schedule like practices and social functions? New Events and Practices
  3. New Events / Practices Coaches may create their own custom events, practices, and games.
  4. Lineup Just a quick click to view who is planning on making the gamer or event. Customize the roster as needed by simply dragging and dropping the attending players into the desired order.
  5. Lineup / Delete / Edit The lineup indicates which players are available and those who are not attending. Attending players may be sorted and moved by a simple drag and drag. Coaches may mark players as attending or not be attending. League games may not be edited by the coach. Use the Edit and Delete buttons to update previously scheduled events.
  6. Import Schedule Download the CSV template, copy and paste event information and then simply upload to the updated template.