Apply Partial Payment to a Customer Order

How to Apply a Partial Customer Payment
To enter a partial payment on customer order. Note: Order status remains unpaid.
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  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Gameplan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> View Orders and Payments.
  4. Enter Customer Name in the Search For: data field that you have received payment from.
  5. Select the Customer
  6. Select the Order that this payment applies to.
  7. Select Transactions from the menu.
  8. Select Apply a Miscellaneous Transaction from the menu.
  9. Select Transaction Type and click Next
  10. Complete Payment Details and click Next.
  11. Review the Transaction Details
  12. Select Complete Transaction
  13. A Partial Payment has been applied to the Order. Note: Order will remain unpaid in Reports.
  14. Order has a remaining Balance Due