Volunteer Registration

Instructions for Volunteer Registration


You may be asked to participate in "Volunteer Work Duties". If so, you will be asked to select and agree to a specified number of work duty shifts (sessions) or you may have a Buyout Option.



  1. Click on the "Volunteer Registration" menu tab.
  2. Select the desired "Work Duty"
  3. Click on the "Add to Cart" or "Learn More ".
  4. You will be asked to "Sign In" or "Create an Account". Please record your password for future use. If you have forgotten your password,  just click on the link "I forgot my password" and your password will be emailed to you.
  5. Next you will be shown details of the volunteer program registration that you chose. Click Continue. 
  6. Next Select one or more Work Duties from the available category options. There are two types of work duties available; 1) an agreement or 2) a calendar selection.
  7. If choosing a specific work duty position or responsibility, select the desired Role and click "Sign up for this category" and agree to completely fulfill the terms and conditions as outlined.
    - OR-
    If choosing Work Duty shifts or sessions, select the desired month and available date. If multiple shifts are required, select any number of available shifts as desired. When finished, click "Add these sessions to shopping cart"
  8. Repeat Steps 5 - 7 as necessary until desired or required number of work duties or sessions have been selected. Click the button to return to the registration menu page.
  9. Next you may be asked to review and agree to a variety of league "Waivers and Agreements".
  10. Next you will be taken to the "Shopping Cart" and "Payment" screen.
  11. If you feel that you need to change an item on a previous page, feel free to click on the "Go Back" button located at the bottom of the screen or you may click on the "Back" button of your browser.
  12. Once you have reviewed your volunteer registrations on the "Your Shopping Basket" page, click the button to finalize your transaction.
  13. After clicking the "Begin Secure Checkout" button, please verify and complete your billing "Contact Information" on the next page (you may make edits if necessary).
  14. If a payment is necessary, click on the "Pay by Credit Card" button; select your card type from the drop-down list; enter your credit card number in the space provided below the type; then select your expiration date from the drop-down list. After selecting the "Pay by Credit Card" button, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of this page to advance to the final screen.
  15. Lastly, "complete your transaction" by clicking the button. Click the button to make changes to your order.
  16. View your volunteer registration details and work duty shits and other account information by clicking your User Name in the top right-hand corner of the screen which takes you to your Account Dashboard.


Important Notes:

  • Your registration fee will be shown on your credit card statement as "Youth Sports Registration".
  • If you provided your email address when you setup your new account, the system will send your receipt to you when you have completed the registration process. In addition, your receipt will also be displayed on the screen when your order is completed, which you can print out for your own personal records. If you are not able to print out your receipt, or you failed to receive your receipt by email, please contact your League Administrator or Sports Registrar for assistance.
Forms of payment accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal

You may print out these instructions for reference.