Issue a Credit Card Refund - Miscellaneous Transaction

To Issue a Partial Refund of Customer Payment - Use Miscellaneous Transaction:
To issue a partial refund for a registration or other item or fee. Note: This process does not return a player or coach registration. Registration item remains active in player records, rosters and reports. See also: Issue a Refund and Return a Purchase
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select GamePlan in Control Panel.
  3. Select E-Commerce> View Orders and Payments.
  4. Enter Customer Name in Search For:
  5. Select the Customer
  6. Select the Order that this payment applies to.
  7. Select Transactions from the menu.
  8. Select Apply Miscellaneous Transactions .This will start a wizard to walk you through the process.
  1. Select the method of Refund or Adjustment.  Here we are issuing a refund by credit card.  Note that you must issue the refund to a credit card if the original charge was on a credit card.  Then click Next.
  1. Select the Item or Transaction that is to be refunded.  Note here there is only one item displayed however if there had been more that one item purchased all items would be displayed.  Once you have selected the item click Next.
  1. Enter the Amount of Refund. The original price of the item or registration I displayed by default.
  2. Enter any details about the refund transaction in Notes as a future reference. Click Next.
  1. A summary of your transactions will be displayed.  You can either add another transaction, for example, if you were refunding an amount on another item, or if this is the only refund then click Complete Transaction. 
  2. If a credit card refund was selected, the Amount of Refund will be credited to the customer’s originating credit card.