Inserting Documents using Hyperlinks

The "Document Manager" allows you to insert hyperlinks to document files stored on the web server by
simply selecting them from a list. The dialog is similar to the "Image Manager" and allows you to browse,
upload, and delete documents.
Note: Save the original document as a pdf.
  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Open desired page to be edited.
  3. Click Edit Page (top right blue button)
  4. Select desired HTML module.
  5. Click Edit Content or  
  6. (Optional) Select some text or an image that you want to set as the hyperlink to the document.
  7. Click Media Manager button  
  8. Select and click Document Manager
  9. or Click the Insert Document button . 
  10. A dialog opens to display a list of folders and documents that you are allowed to browse.
  11. Select Upload if a document needs to be uploaded
    • follow the prompts to select the desired document to upload
    • add a Title and Description for the document, ie; "Month" Minutes xx.17 -
    • the list will auto-sort by Modified Date (newest to oldest)
  12. Next, Select the document you want to insert.
  13. (Optional) Type a tooltip. For example: "Click here to view this document." This is an Accessibility option as well. The tooltip will be read by the
    Windows Narrator.
  14. (Optional) Select a target for the link. For example: Open in New Window
  15. Click Insert.
  16. In case you have selected some text or an image in step (i), it becomes a hyperlink to the document. In case you have not, the name of the document appears at the cursor point and
    is set as a hyperlink to the document.
  17. Click SAVE to save new document (bottom left of display)